The Chalet and The Flat - "The Flachalet"

The Chalet sleeps 4, in sections of 3 and 1, with toilet and shower. Can be sleep-in only or part of The Flat or the Bunkhouse. All very flexible.

The Flat This has a bedroom for 3, a doubles and a single, with its own washroom toilet & shower. There's a pad and pillow for one extra on the carpet. The Chalet and The Flat share a kitchen/diner on the ground floor, with seating and all equipment to feed 7.  Gas top with grill, microwave, fridge, toaster, hot water sink. It's a sitting area, too, with a TV and storage heater.
Drying facilities similar to the main bunkhouse - but again, come prepared with spare gear. Please try to bring indoor shoes.