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Everybody arranges their own, and there's plenty of opportunity for everything.

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Various combinations available from individuals to groups up to 40.

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You can contact us by phone on 01286 870521. By post or by e-mail.HIS

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                           This is Snowdonia's Original Bunkhouse, which I started in 1966. You need your own sleeping bag, but not pillow. (Teddy bears come free). It's all self-

catering, in several grades of accommodation with helpful flexibility, as a base for your activities. There's the Main Bunkhouse, The Flat, Castell Gwynt , and The Bedshed -

as an overflow. All are equipped for cooking and dining, except The Bedshed. All sections have showers and toilets. Details are shown under "Accommodation", which

gives room capacities if gender segregation is required. The 9 and 8 rooms in the bunkhouse are a mix of double and single mattratzenlager - old Alpine hut style with

protective sheets, but the doubles can be reduced to singles to give more comfort and space.

                           It's warm enough and friendly, and I live on the premises, as a retired instructor/guide/ rescue leader and "Mr Fixit". It's not conventionally  "modernised"

and has always been known as 

                                                  "A CENTRE of LO-TECH PRAGMATISM keep it simple so long as it works. It certainly does here - come and see !





Front of Bunkhouse