NOTE - EVERYBODY needs their own proper sleeping bag, not just a sheet inner. Pillows and slips are provided, but some bring their own. (Teddy Bears come free with their owners !)

All self-catering, with all sizes of pans, with cups plates & cutlery. Simple cereal/fruit/wholemeal bread breakfasts are recommended for groups -for an easy morning getaway. Remember that first-night frozen meals need defrosting. Pizzas need acres of oven-space. Pre-cooked fresh stews or pastas are first-night favourites. There are fridges in all kitchens, and weekend groups shouldn't need a freezer.

There's a gas fire in the bunkhouse living room, with extra heat as necessary, but I DON'T do central heating and don't heat dormitories. Bring easy-dry clothes, and a spare poly bag. There 2 spinners if you get dripping wet, but a houseful of wet people is hard to cope with - so carry waterproofs and dress sensibly. There is WIFI where the thick stone walls allow. There's plenty of off-road parking. Click on each heading for photos.

The Main Bunkhouse

It DID sleep 21 in dorms, BUT NOW it's two dorms of 4 each, and a bunkroom for 2, since these days adults want more space - see my earlier note. The entrance hall leads to a common room, dining room, kitchen, 2 washrooms, 3 toilets, 2 showers  beyond the entrance hall..

Castell Gwynt

"Castle of the Winds" sleeps 6, but with that number it might seem a bit crowded.. A double bed in the kitchen/diner, 4 single bunks downstairs with a shower, and separate wash and loo. Also a single room. Kitchen has 2-burner gas, electric kettle, micro, toaster, and very small oven - so don't bring a Sunday roast. The entrance hall also serves as a drying room. 

 SORRY -NO PETS anywhere on the premises - except rescue dogs with M.R.Teams.  


plan of Bunkhouse